Hello. My name is Pourio.

I'm a Designer based in Silicon Valley.

Dochak (Your Friendly ETA App)
A simple, set-it-then-forget-about-it ETA mobile app. For your always late friend or for an extra peace of mind when your child is on their way home. Designed to have you spend the least amount of time on it.
A Tribute to Sci-Fi: Vol. 1
A personal interpretation of some of my favorite science fiction movies and films in minimalistic, black and white design combined with an old hobby of mine of stamp collecting.
M°N°ML by Modaine
A personal project to take the the clock face design from the Apple Watch to its most simplistic and minimalistic concept using classic Swiss clock design, the Swiss Railway Clock (owned by Modaine). Using both as inspiration and a platform to bridge the gap between tech, fashion, and design. Photos of model by Selena Wu
Korean Air
A personal project aimed at updating and elevating the Korean Air design and brand. Thanks to my friends Alice and Rebecca for lending me their photos even though it was after a lot of begging :)
Lotus Wellness Inc.
A complete branding project for Lotus Wellness Inc.
Higo Sushi
Re-branding project for a sushi restaurant in La Habra, California.
MachOne World Presents Anthoplex
A complete re-branding for MachOne Lab's Anthoplex product line from logos to collateral to website and etc.
Theoformation : The Heart of the Matter
Logo design for a Christian organization based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The brief required the logo to somehow incorporate the cross and a heart with the title of the conference and tagline to be a horizontal lockup.
A collection of work I did for Toyota with my partner/copywriter Graham Shafer.
Verbal, the Mute Rock
A little personal endeavor that I've always wanted to do. I introduce to you, a sneak peak at the book I am creating, Verbal, the Mute Rock.
Graphic Novel : Mind Game Series
A short preview of a graphic novel I've been working on for the past few years.
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